How to run code on gpu c

Hello, I have a Python script using IMINUIT library ( from MINUIT Root CERN) and I would like to migrate this Python version to GPU C++ (with CUDA) to find faster the minimum of parameters to estimate. I join an Archive containing the script and the data , and a document on Minuit with GPU with code snippets..

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Finally, we setup the NVIDIA CUDA programming packages to use the CUDA API in Visual Studio. GPUs are a great platform to executed code that can take advantage of hyper parallelization. For....

Call feval on the CUDAKernel with the required inputs, to run the kernel on the GPU. MATLAB code that follows these steps might look something like this: % 1. Create CUDAKernel object. k = parallel.gpu.CUDAKernel ( 'myfun.ptx', '', 'entryPt1' ); % 2. Set object properties. k.GridSize = [8 1]; k.ThreadBlockSize = [16 1]; % 3..